Getting the Most out of Security

Getting the most out of security can sometimes seem easier said than done. If you’re outsourcing security for your organisation and the security guards being provided aren’t giving you the outcomes you need in Singleton, Muswellbrook, Cessnock, or anywhere else for that matter, the problem may come back to the price that you’re paying.

Security Guard companies around Australia and in the Upper Hunter Area (an area north of Sydney ranging from Newcastle and Lake Macquarie on the east coast to the Horse Capital of Scone and the Coal Fields and Vineyards of Muswellbrook, Singleton and Cessnock) will often present the lowest bids possible for a contract. That sounds like a good thing and is now virtually expected, but there is a hidden danger of this low-value perception of the security industry.

Some Security Guard companies bid at breakeven- and some have been known to even bid at a loss- in order to get a contract. The logic they use is that they can somehow make the contract profitable once they win it. Even worse, their intent may be to not fulfil the contract to the client’s standards and ‘play dumb’ until attempts are made to have the contract terms delivered by legal means, or prove repudiation for legal termination of the contract.

This all impacts on the original ‘cheaper rate’ that seemed like a good deal at the time.

There could also be the intent of the security company to exploit their own workers by rorting their wages, similar to the recent scandal with 7-ElevenStores. The illegal wages problem has been rife in the security industry- and the Upper Hunter Valley has not been immune. Low quality work outcomes and higher turnover rates directly impact the quality of the service received and this can be the only outcome where illegal rates that are below the industry Security Services Award 2010 are involved.

Other issues have been the non-payment of superannuation, dodgy contracts that look like something from the Work Choices era, and sham contracting- where employees are asked to get an ABN and illegally operate as a business entity without insurances or necessary licenses as detailed in this article by ASIAL.

None of the outcomes driven by the type of processes described above will be good for anyone. Risks to companies outsourcing security include adverse publicity as a result of breaching the organisation’s own sustainable and ethical business practises policies, or even being involved in a contravention by authorities and/or the media (and even played out in the media as with 7-Eleven).

At the end of the day, if something looks too good to be true than it probably is. So, if you want the best out of your security start by making sure they are being paid fairly and ensure that their employer has sound business ethics. Security are the people who will be there for you when there’s an incident at your business; you expect them to have great communication skills, be knowledgeable in matters of the law and have the wisdom of Solomon when making decisions. In these days of sustainable business practises, it makes sense to explore how good decisions can enhance value, and therefore contribute to loyalty, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Secure Your Business

Access control

Access control systems can be security systems, building management systems, evacuation systems, personnel management systems. An electronic access control system controls the movement of people in and out of a building and can keep a log of the doors used, how often they are used and by whom.

A typical access control system may include:

  • An identification device – users are given an ID device such as an electronic tag, photo ID card or personal identification number (PIN) to access the building
  • Readers (such as PIN, Wigand, Proximity, Biometric, Magnetic stripe,) which enable users with ID devices to gain access to pre-programmed areas.
  • The door controller is the backbone of a multi-door access control system deciding whether to allow or deny entry based on the information received by the reader (other entry points, such as the entrance to a car park or elevators can be used).

Read the full article from ASIAL here

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR)

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has welcomed the latest crime data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) for the 24 months to December 2014, which shows 16 of the 17 major offence categories are either stable or falling.

‘Steal from dwelling’ is the only offence category to have recorded an increase of 3.2 per cent.

BOCSAR reports that most of this increase are offences occurring outside the residential building, including thefts from yards, carports, garages, verandahs, driveways and sheds.

Common items stolen include parts of the house such as hot water systems, mail, letter boxes, bicycles, scooters, tools and garden accessories.

Mr Scipione is urging residents to be more vigilant, to keep their items secure and to take sensible measures to stop themselves from becoming targets of crime.

Read the full announcement here:

What is a Security Consultant?

Nearly everyone I meet who is selling any type of security product or service calls themselves a “security consultant” or “security advisor”. This seems to apply whether it’s Muswellbrook, Singleton, Newcastle or Sydney and beyond. To clarify: when an individual enters the security industry, they need to finish a course over approximately 2 weeks and send away their details to the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED). Once the licence for that individual has been approved and paid, that individual can work in the industry. They possess entry-level qualifications in the security industry and go about building experience as a security guard.

They are not a consultant or advisor at this stage.

To be licensed as a Security Consultant, an individual is required to complete further training in the form of a minimum Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management, combined with a certain level of industry experience. But many go way beyond those minimum requirements.This ensures clients are getting an individual who has something more than entry-level qualifications and a few hours of experience.

A security consultant is a professional who makes his or her living selling security advice. Just like your accountant, doctor, or legal advisor, the security consultant charges a fee for his or her services.

Most independent security consultants have many years of specialised training and experience that make them uniquely qualified to act as professional security advisors. Many independent security consultants have academic or trade credentials.

In addition to having technical expertise in security matters, a good independent security consultant also has the skills necessary to successfully complete a consulting assignment: project management skills, interviewing skills, research skills, report writing skills, and presentation skills – just to name a few.

Most importantly, independent security consultants are not just there to sell security equipment, products, or guard services. This means that when the consultant gives advice, it is based on the client’s best interests rather than on the consultant’s desire to sell a specific product or service, and often a consultant will refer a client to a service provider with good credentials, to avoid any conflict of interest.

This service is very unique and the service extends from Residents, Commercial, Government, Organisations (Including Not For Profit), Volunteer groups, Individuals or large groups needing security and safety advice.

Services a security consultant like myself might provide, but are not limited to, include:

  • Writing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Security Procedures and Plans, as well as other procedures.
  • WHS Policies, Procedures, Writing and Advice of SWMS, JSA, risk control and more
  • Electronic daily and monthly reports for tracking trends that might lead to solutions to problems occurring around your business, premises or community.
  • Electronic security hardware and software solutions
  • Solutions to privacy concerns for individuals and business entities
  • Security, threat and risk assessments, Theft and Loss assessments, Fire Assessments and planning
  • Clarification of legislation, Acts, standards at a State and/or National level, including information-related Australian and overseas laws
  • Emergency planning and advice
  • Advice on information system ethics and privacy legislation
  • Assistance developing information management policies (ethical use, privacy, acceptable use, internet use, email privacy, anti-spam, social media and workplace monitoring policies)
  • Advice on transborder issues, protecting intellectual assets, identity theft
  • Personal threat deterrence advice (the use of devices to protect yourself)
  • Assist with security planning for private events and functions
  • Assistance in organising security requirements including human resource requirements, including supply and coordinate security, investigations, electronic solutions, IT, event organisers, any other requirements.
  • Building management system basic knowledge
  • Preventative maintenance Skills

Gill Security provides security consultant services to the areas of Muswellbrook, Singleton, Scone, Cessnock, Merriwa and will travel as far as Newcastle and Sydney by arrangement. It also provides specialised security-guarding services (mostly in covert, plain-clothes assignments).


Muswellbrook and Singleton Security Options


The options available in regards to Muswellbrook security service providers now includes Gill Security, which is a locally owned and operated business.

Gill Security is a new option and provides security guard services (including static guarding, general purpose security officers, special events, gate keeping, gate houses, site security, perimeter protection, security escort, loss prevention and store security) as well as Cash in Transit (CIT) options including cash collection, banking, cash pickups and secure logistics.


Gill Security can provide security personnel in Muswellbrook and surrounds with a current and valid NSW security licence, first aid certificate, and a commitment to be punctual and professional when providing security services in Muswellbrook, South Muswellbrook, Bengalla, Wybong, Kuyuga, McCullys Gap and Muscle Creek.

Gill Security can also service the areas of Denman, Jerry’s Plains, Aberdeen, Castle Rock, Mangoola, Hebden, Liddell, Baerami, Baerami Creek, Edderton, Gungal, Manobalai and Sandy Hollow.


Gill Security services other areas of the Hunter Valley; providing security to various organisations and businesses in Singleton, Scone, and the hamlets and towns that make up the Upper Hunter.

Muswellbrook Shire in is known as ‘Blue Heeler Country’. Tourists know the Upper Hunter primarily for its premium wine, rich farmland, rolling pasture, rocky outcrops, sandstone cliffs and small hills rising abruptly from vineyards. The farms produce fodder crops, stud cattle, horses, sheep and dairy products, and open-cut coal mining is a major industry.

Businesses and Industry in the region are diverse: including mining and energy, commercial, retail, industrial, construction, agribusiness, federal, state and local government sectors and more.

Gill Security approaches the challenges associated with the security of clients by looking at their areas of vulnerability and the inherent requirements that become apparent. This can change depending on industry, political environment, location and other influences.

Gill Security does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to clients in Muswellbrook or anywhere else. So for professional security with a personalised approach, contact Gill Security.


Cash collection or Cash-in-transit activities involve the transporting or moving of cash or valuables. Gill Security provides safe transfer of money, coins, jewels, bullion, securities and other financial instruments to our clients

situated in Muswellbrook, South Muswellbrook, Bengalla, Wybong, Kuyuga, McCullys Gap and Muscle Creek.


Contracting a security provider in the Muswellbrook area to perform cash-in-transit tasks isn’t about laziness or being too busy to do it yourself. Conveying valuables brings with it an increased potential to encounter a person -or persons- intending to cause harm to obtain those valuables.

For CIT banking and secure logistics in Muswellbrook at a competitive price, contact Gill Security.

Database management, mobile communications and navigation systems are all used to ensure your assets are protected at all times, and our secure logistics service is backed by insurance coverage so your valuables are properly insured when in our care, and our experienced personnel are suitably licenced and qualified.

Gill Security can provide effective, quality security services to businesses and organisations in Muswellbrook, Singleton, Scone, Aberdeen, Merriwa and other areas of the Upper Hunter and Hunter Valley.

The options for Singleton, in regards to security service providers, now includes Gill Security. Gill Security is a locally owned and operated security business and cash collection/ CIT specialist.

Gill Security provides the following security guard services;

  • Static guarding
  • General purpose security officers
  • Special event security
  • Gate keeping
  • Site security
  • Perimeter protection
  • Security escort
  • Store security and loss prevention

Gill Security approaches the challenges associated with the protection of clients by looking at their areas of vulnerability. Risk and threat controls are implemented specific to that client’s needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Factors can include political environment, industry type, location and other influences.


Gill Security can provide reliable security personnel in Singleton and surrounding areas with a valid NSW security license, first aid certificate and a commitment to be punctual and professional when providing security and asset protection.

Gill Security services areas of the Upper Hunter from Merriwa to Branxton, Muswellbrook to Singleton and Mount Thorley, plus travelling as far North as Scone, Satur and Bunnan.

Business in the region are diverse and include mining and energy, agribusiness, retail, and heavy industry. These different organisations require specific protection plans for each sector, with each individual client having different needs.


Cash collection and CIT activities involve the secure transportation of cash and valuables. Gill Security is a specialist in the area of cash collection, CIT and facets of secure logistics.

Cash collection and secure logistics is provided for the safe transfer of money, bullion, jewels, securities and other financial instruments. Gill Security uses unmarked, plain clothed and fully licensed officers to safely deliver reliable results.

Unmarked cars used for the purposes of CIT in New South Wales must have specific authorisation from the NSW Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate in order to comply with the law and insurance requirements. Gill Security has this authorisation and a verification document is available for clients to view on request.


Tamworth Country Music Festival


NSW Police have released some security guidance information for people heading to Tamworth for the annual country music festival.

“Camping is considered an important part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival experience and we remind festival campers to be mindful of their own safety and security,” Operation Commander, Superintendent Jim Stewart said.

“With thousands of people in some of these camping areas, we ask everyone to look out for themselves and each other and in an emergency, contact police immediately.”

Tips for campers:

• Plan your trip in advance and if possible, make a booking

• Get to know your surrounding campers

• Leave valuables at home – if you must take valuables with you, ensure they are secured and kept out of sight ie laptops, iPods, stereos, GPS

• Lock your caravan or campervan when unattended

• Where possible, use a lock to secure your tent

• Where possible, use a portable alarm in your tent or camper

• Ensure valuables are not left in unattended vehicles

• Report any suspicious behaviour to police


Picture by Rod Edwards (assisted by “Truffles”)

Home security tips when you go away for the holidays

We all enjoy bit of a break from work and the everyday routine. A trip away is something most look forward to each year and can mean saving for some time to pay for. Going away and coming back to find someone has broken into your abode while you were taking a holiday is a terrible feeling- something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who intentionally look for houses that are empty over holiday periods.

There are lots of tricks and hints to keep your home secure while you take a break. Most of them don’t require a lot of effort or money. There’s always the usual alarm systems and CCTV cameras, but they do cost a lot of money and are only ever as good as the people operating them. What about some little tricks that give your house the appearance of being occupied?

I recently took a much-needed break and these are some of the things I did to make my home look like its owners are still at home and to protect the contents. It even fooled my mum.

For starters, don’t leave your spare car keys near doors or windows – car theft through burglary is on the rise and a visible set of keys through a window is a bit like waving a red flag at a bull. I took my spare car keys with me over the holidays. I left my spare house keys with a trusted relative.

Protect your identity at the same time by hiding or locking away passports and official documents. Identity fraud is on the rise and made easier with originals of passports, birth certificates and bank details.

Quality lighting and fencing is another sure way to be secure. When it comes to outdoor lighting, solar lights have come a long way and are easy to install. Sensor lighting also makes sure that you don’t disturb neighbours but you still perturb criminals lurking around. Criminals will do their own risk assessment of a location, just like you and I do a risk assessment before a task at work. For a criminal, being caught in the act or identified afterwards are big risks. Good security lighting and solid fences that allow visibility are two tips to increase the risk to a thief of being caught in the act, or identified later by a witness.

Don’t advertise your home to burglars on social media. The social media savvy among us tend to publish their whereabouts during the holiday season, including any vacation locations. This potentially lets burglars know when your house is going to be empty and when exactly that will occur. Uploaded photos of pricey Christmas gifts can also encourage the wrong people to notice you.

Before going away, be sure to cancel any newspaper subscriptions, or have someone collect them with your mail. Arranging a neighbour to park on the driveway creates the impression someone is home. My own mother rang me during my holidays to see if I was home already when she saw a car in the driveway. Having someone come by to water the plants, combined with light timers, can also create a superficial impression of a lived-in home.

Make sure that things like garden tools and ladders that could be used to force entry into your home are not accessible. Garages are often targets for burglars looking for tools, bikes and gardening equipment. Make sure the yard, garden shed and garage are secure with good quality chains and/or locks.

Finally, burglars know all the usual spots for hidden door keys so don’t hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead give the spare key to family or a trusted neighbour.