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Access control

Access control systems can be security systems, building management systems, evacuation systems, personnel management systems. An electronic access control system controls the movement of people in and out of a building and can keep a log of the doors used, how often they are used and by whom.

A typical access control system may include:

  • An identification device – users are given an ID device such as an electronic tag, photo ID card or personal identification number (PIN) to access the building
  • Readers (such as PIN, Wigand, Proximity, Biometric, Magnetic stripe,) which enable users with ID devices to gain access to pre-programmed areas.
  • The door controller is the backbone of a multi-door access control system deciding whether to allow or deny entry based on the information received by the reader (other entry points, such as the entrance to a car park or elevators can be used).

Read the full article from ASIAL here


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