What is a Security Consultant?

Nearly everyone I meet who is selling any type of security product or service calls themselves a “security consultant” or “security advisor”. This seems to apply whether it’s Muswellbrook, Singleton, Newcastle or Sydney and beyond. To clarify: when an individual enters the security industry, they need to finish a course over approximately 2 weeks and send away their details to the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED). Once the licence for that individual has been approved and paid, that individual can work in the industry. They possess entry-level qualifications in the security industry and go about building experience as a security guard.

They are not a consultant or advisor at this stage.

To be licensed as a Security Consultant, an individual is required to complete further training in the form of a minimum Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management, combined with a certain level of industry experience. But many go way beyond those minimum requirements.This ensures clients are getting an individual who has something more than entry-level qualifications and a few hours of experience.

A security consultant is a professional who makes his or her living selling security advice. Just like your accountant, doctor, or legal advisor, the security consultant charges a fee for his or her services.

Most independent security consultants have many years of specialised training and experience that make them uniquely qualified to act as professional security advisors. Many independent security consultants have academic or trade credentials.

In addition to having technical expertise in security matters, a good independent security consultant also has the skills necessary to successfully complete a consulting assignment: project management skills, interviewing skills, research skills, report writing skills, and presentation skills – just to name a few.

Most importantly, independent security consultants are not just there to sell security equipment, products, or guard services. This means that when the consultant gives advice, it is based on the client’s best interests rather than on the consultant’s desire to sell a specific product or service, and often a consultant will refer a client to a service provider with good credentials, to avoid any conflict of interest.

This service is very unique and the service extends from Residents, Commercial, Government, Organisations (Including Not For Profit), Volunteer groups, Individuals or large groups needing security and safety advice.

Services a security consultant like myself might provide, but are not limited to, include:

  • Writing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Security Procedures and Plans, as well as other procedures.
  • WHS Policies, Procedures, Writing and Advice of SWMS, JSA, risk control and more
  • Electronic daily and monthly reports for tracking trends that might lead to solutions to problems occurring around your business, premises or community.
  • Electronic security hardware and software solutions
  • Solutions to privacy concerns for individuals and business entities
  • Security, threat and risk assessments, Theft and Loss assessments, Fire Assessments and planning
  • Clarification of legislation, Acts, standards at a State and/or National level, including information-related Australian and overseas laws
  • Emergency planning and advice
  • Advice on information system ethics and privacy legislation
  • Assistance developing information management policies (ethical use, privacy, acceptable use, internet use, email privacy, anti-spam, social media and workplace monitoring policies)
  • Advice on transborder issues, protecting intellectual assets, identity theft
  • Personal threat deterrence advice (the use of devices to protect yourself)
  • Assist with security planning for private events and functions
  • Assistance in organising security requirements including human resource requirements, including supply and coordinate security, investigations, electronic solutions, IT, event organisers, any other requirements.
  • Building management system basic knowledge
  • Preventative maintenance Skills

Gill Security provides security consultant services to the areas of Muswellbrook, Singleton, Scone, Cessnock, Merriwa and will travel as far as Newcastle and Sydney by arrangement. It also provides specialised security-guarding services (mostly in covert, plain-clothes assignments).



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