Muswellbrook and Singleton Security Options


The options available in regards to Muswellbrook security service providers now includes Gill Security, which is a locally owned and operated business.

Gill Security is a new option and provides security guard services (including static guarding, general purpose security officers, special events, gate keeping, gate houses, site security, perimeter protection, security escort, loss prevention and store security) as well as Cash in Transit (CIT) options including cash collection, banking, cash pickups and secure logistics.


Gill Security can provide security personnel in Muswellbrook and surrounds with a current and valid NSW security licence, first aid certificate, and a commitment to be punctual and professional when providing security services in Muswellbrook, South Muswellbrook, Bengalla, Wybong, Kuyuga, McCullys Gap and Muscle Creek.

Gill Security can also service the areas of Denman, Jerry’s Plains, Aberdeen, Castle Rock, Mangoola, Hebden, Liddell, Baerami, Baerami Creek, Edderton, Gungal, Manobalai and Sandy Hollow.


Gill Security services other areas of the Hunter Valley; providing security to various organisations and businesses in Singleton, Scone, and the hamlets and towns that make up the Upper Hunter.

Muswellbrook Shire in is known as ‘Blue Heeler Country’. Tourists know the Upper Hunter primarily for its premium wine, rich farmland, rolling pasture, rocky outcrops, sandstone cliffs and small hills rising abruptly from vineyards. The farms produce fodder crops, stud cattle, horses, sheep and dairy products, and open-cut coal mining is a major industry.

Businesses and Industry in the region are diverse: including mining and energy, commercial, retail, industrial, construction, agribusiness, federal, state and local government sectors and more.

Gill Security approaches the challenges associated with the security of clients by looking at their areas of vulnerability and the inherent requirements that become apparent. This can change depending on industry, political environment, location and other influences.

Gill Security does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to clients in Muswellbrook or anywhere else. So for professional security with a personalised approach, contact Gill Security.


Cash collection or Cash-in-transit activities involve the transporting or moving of cash or valuables. Gill Security provides safe transfer of money, coins, jewels, bullion, securities and other financial instruments to our clients

situated in Muswellbrook, South Muswellbrook, Bengalla, Wybong, Kuyuga, McCullys Gap and Muscle Creek.


Contracting a security provider in the Muswellbrook area to perform cash-in-transit tasks isn’t about laziness or being too busy to do it yourself. Conveying valuables brings with it an increased potential to encounter a person -or persons- intending to cause harm to obtain those valuables.

For CIT banking and secure logistics in Muswellbrook at a competitive price, contact Gill Security.

Database management, mobile communications and navigation systems are all used to ensure your assets are protected at all times, and our secure logistics service is backed by insurance coverage so your valuables are properly insured when in our care, and our experienced personnel are suitably licenced and qualified.

Gill Security can provide effective, quality security services to businesses and organisations in Muswellbrook, Singleton, Scone, Aberdeen, Merriwa and other areas of the Upper Hunter and Hunter Valley.

The options for Singleton, in regards to security service providers, now includes Gill Security. Gill Security is a locally owned and operated security business and cash collection/ CIT specialist.

Gill Security provides the following security guard services;

  • Static guarding
  • General purpose security officers
  • Special event security
  • Gate keeping
  • Site security
  • Perimeter protection
  • Security escort
  • Store security and loss prevention

Gill Security approaches the challenges associated with the protection of clients by looking at their areas of vulnerability. Risk and threat controls are implemented specific to that client’s needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Factors can include political environment, industry type, location and other influences.


Gill Security can provide reliable security personnel in Singleton and surrounding areas with a valid NSW security license, first aid certificate and a commitment to be punctual and professional when providing security and asset protection.

Gill Security services areas of the Upper Hunter from Merriwa to Branxton, Muswellbrook to Singleton and Mount Thorley, plus travelling as far North as Scone, Satur and Bunnan.

Business in the region are diverse and include mining and energy, agribusiness, retail, and heavy industry. These different organisations require specific protection plans for each sector, with each individual client having different needs.


Cash collection and CIT activities involve the secure transportation of cash and valuables. Gill Security is a specialist in the area of cash collection, CIT and facets of secure logistics.

Cash collection and secure logistics is provided for the safe transfer of money, bullion, jewels, securities and other financial instruments. Gill Security uses unmarked, plain clothed and fully licensed officers to safely deliver reliable results.

Unmarked cars used for the purposes of CIT in New South Wales must have specific authorisation from the NSW Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate in order to comply with the law and insurance requirements. Gill Security has this authorisation and a verification document is available for clients to view on request.



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